Recently I sat down with Joel Devisser, Founder of Rock This World Productions. He has observed the dramatic influence of media on the lives of children, particularly in the areas of morality, the gospel, and Christian role models. Additionally, he observed how the majority of movie goers to faith based movies were believers looking for wholesome, family entertainment. Because of this, he felt that nonbelievers needed compelling stories that would lead them to ask questions about faith and eternity. Out of this passion, God led him to develop a unique and different approach for creating and delivering movies to the local church.

First Focus: Content

The first part of Rock This World’s mission is to develop content that would reach unbelievers, Monday through Saturday, who may never step into church, while filling as many of those 66,000 hours kids are watching media/films and shows with positive, inspiring, and biblically based moral mainstream films.

What’s Unique? It’s Distribution Approach

Rock This World is going directly to churches. There are no license fees or limits on how often or in what venues a church may show their films. You can contact Rock This World, and they will help you get started. They only ask that you take a love offering or that the church give a donation to their ministry so they can continue to produce more content. Additionally, they will send you DVD’s that can be given to those who give an offering or can be sold with the proceeds going back to Rock This World.

Second Focus: Paying It Forward

The love offerings and sales of DVD’s are used to offset cost of production and to fund future productions. After this, the majority of the remaining proceeds go to funding other ministries. Proceeds from Rock This World’s current movie, Game Changer, will fund Cross International and their work among the poorest of the poor throughout the world and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Urban Atlanta Sports programs.

Current Movie: Game Changer

Game Changer is a fun, entertaining, family comedy that follows Jordan Gabriel, the richest, most famous, and best quarterback in the pros. Jordan gets caught street racing his Lamborghini and, much to his dismay, is suddenly forced to coach a little league baseball team. As Jordan begins to “stand in the gap” as a coach/father figure, he begins to realize just how empty his life was when he only lived for himself. Faced with the biggest dilemma of his life, and with his record setting football contract on the line, can he finally put another person’s needs before his own?

Free Screening For Churches

You may contact Rock This World directly to request a link to the movie so you can preview and ask further questions. Rock This World is one of the Disciple Leaders Network 2022 Ministry Partners, so we will provide more information regarding their ministry and approach soon.

Be sure to check out Joel’s 8 minute video below so you can learn more about Joel’s approach and the movie Game Changer.