Training Bible Study Leaders

I am constantly looking at ways for training Bible study leaders. Ken Braddy, a member of BACE, wrote a blog recently that listed eight ways you can provide training for your leaders. Below is a summary of his suggestions that I believe you will find helpful as you plan your training calendar for next year:

8 Ways to Provide Training

  1. Individual study – provide a book on leadership, church growth, Sunday school, small groups, teaching methods, etc., for each group leader, and ask them to read it by a certain date.
  2. Large-group study – provide a book (as in #1 above), but this time bring all of your Bible study leaders together for a time of discussion and reflection on the contents of the reading.
  3. Retreats – an overnight retreat at a conference center, hotel, or camp can be a good way to bring focused training to group leaders.
  4. Training by age divisions – Preschool, children, student, and leaders of adult groups receive ongoing training by department without coming together for a large-group training time. This allows for more focused training crafted specifically for each age group.
  5. Association training (Regional Training)
  6. State convention training
  7. National training events (Check out events sponsored by LifeWay and other organizations)
  8. Digital training

I would also emphasize the following:

Watch to see if other churches in your area or region are providing any type of training events. Many times these churches will work with you so that your leaders could participate. Better yet, why not initiate the conversation with other church leaders and plan your own event!
Plan to meet with your leaders at least four times per year. Supplement those meetings with a short video training or your own training content based on specific needs your group might have. I suggest using some of the videos and content from the Fast Five recommended sites above as well as other places. Use content from recently published books as well as from older resources. I have discovered that the videos for 7 Laws of the Learner by Bruce Wilkinson and teacher training by Howard Hendricks are available on YouTube. Most of these segments are 15-20 minutes long and would be great to supplement your regularly planned meetings even though they are a little dated. Please verify if they are legal copies before showing.
If you need help finding trainers for local events you can contact your state convention leaders, search the BACE website for those who might be willing to help, or contact me and I can direct you to leaders who might be available. Feel free to email me ( or call (615.207.5089) if you are looking for leaders.

Baptist State Convention Training

Many of the state conventions have captured training events and placed them on their websites. Use these ideas to put together a 12 month training plan for teachers and other group leaders. If you have additional ideas feel free to share them with everyone else in the comments section.