Have you ever visited churches or visited with leaders you have discipled in the past? What did you discover? Perhaps this would be a good time for you to revisit the past places and people so that you can move forward with a fresh and renewed passion for making disciples. Mac Brunson, pastor of Valleydale Church, Birmingham, AL, gives two reminders for recapturing the passion for making disciples from the ministry of the Apostle Paul as described in Acts 15:36-41.  While this was presented at a past Disciple Leaders Network conference (BACE conference) in 2017, it is still relevant today.

Reminder One: Discipleship impacts the culture of the church.

Paul did three things to impact the culture of the church through discipleship.

  1. Paul educated (strengthened).
  2. Paul encouraged.
  3. Paul evangelized.
“Discipleship void of evangelism breeds arrogance”Mac Brunson

Reminder Two: Discipleship enables the church to impact the culture around the church.

“It’s time to get off of the sideline and get into the game!”


  • We should be investing in younger leaders.
  • Leaders should get off of the sideline and get into the game.


Watch the entire video. It will serve as a great reminder that we must not lose our passion for making disciples.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nviLIlUp_0[/embedyt]