The Disciple Leaders Network (DLN) Conference at FBC Nashville in April of 2022 lived up to all its hype! We discussed the rhythms of life and ministry and were able to walk away with great tools and ideas to bring back to the local church. Make sure that you take all the credit for your new idea (sarcasm intended)! I am excited to serve as your new Chair of the Board for Disciple Leaders Network for 2022-2023. Our board has a great heart for DLN and I am honored to serve the network in this role of leadership for the coming year. Personally, I see that the days are brighter than ever before of how DLN continues to move forward.

Here are just a few ways that DLN is moving forward:

  1. John McClendon is now the full time Executive Director for Disciple Leaders Network. John has served graciously in this role for many years while serving in other full time positions in the local church. With the realization of where DLN is going for the future, the decision was made to have John to serve in this role full time. It is encouraging to know that we will have someone of John’s caliber serving consistently the members of DLN to help resource and strengthen discipleship in our churches!
  2. Disciple Leaders Network is now the official name for the former BACE (Baptist Association of Christian Educators). We believe that the name of Disciple Leaders Network encapsulates more of who we are as a network of people that have a heart for discipleship, to resource leaders, and to learn from each other as a network. Our hope is that Disciple Leaders Network becomes a name across churches as the leading, premier network for disciple leaders to be engaged with continuously!
    The three main ways that DLN seeks to live out this mission include Develop, Deliver, and Discover.
  3. DLN remains true to its mission of championing discipleship leaders and their work. The three main ways that DLN seeks to live out this mission include Develop, Deliver, and Discover. We want to “Develop the Leader” relationally, spiritually, personally, and professionally. This past conference spoke so well to how we can encounter the rhythms of ministry and forget about our development as children of the Lord! By leaning into the network of mentors that surround you in discipleship, we can really learn how to develop each other well. We also want to “Deliver the Practical”! We are seeing the continued need to speak to the practical nature of ministry. Therefore, DLN will continue to provide excellent resources available with your membership. Finally we want to “Discover the Relational”! This focus means that we want to continue to provide networking opportunities for you as leaders and practitioners. Therefore, every DLN event you attend is an opportunity to learn from someone that the Lord has brought into your life either to be a mentor, guide, or friend or someone to whom you can be that mentor, guide, or friend.

As we keep our mission and focuses at the forefront of all that we do as a network and as we seek to further the kingdom of the Lord together, we will continue to see generations of disciple leaders grow in their ministry and make an impact for the glory of the Lord!

Join with me this year as we continue to move forward…

Joseph Brasher
Chairman of the Board

Written by Joseph Brasher

I am married to Brittany (since 07) and we have two daughters, Ellie Grace (12) and Abby (9). I am in a house of women so much that I even have a girl dog named Jingles! I serve as Adult Pastor at New Vision in Murfreesboro, TN. I have been here since 2018. Previously, I served churches in West Tennessee (Millington and Union City). I enjoy bass fishing, duck hunting, and watching or playing any kind of sports! 

Thanks to all our sponsors, partners, members, and especiallyfor your continued support of the Disciple Leaders Network