Dr. Tim Smith

I was a high school student sitting at a banquet table with several well-known millionaires and some may have even been billionaires!  I was a national officer of high school club and I was out-of-place on that night!  The topic of conversation was on how those gentlemen had made their fortune.  The men on my right and my left had the same response, “WORK”!  Their answer was simple but so very true. As I deal with Bible study group leaders and pastors they all ask the same question, “What is the secret to a growing group?”  My answer is simple, WORK!  It takes work and it doesn’t come easy.

I’ve seen lots of churches that are busy with activity but yet they are dying or declining so why hasn’t their WORK paid off?  That’s the secret to a growing church or class/group.  You ready?  The secret to growing your church and/or your class is your purpose.

A Busy Calendar Doesn’t Indicate Effective Work

A calendar full of activity will not result in a growing church or class but a purpose-focused group will see reproduction.  Here is the question you need to answer, what is the purpose of my church, Sunday School class or small group? The answer can’t be fifteen different things, it can be one or two and that’s it!  My Sunday School class exists to see unchurched men between the ages of 35-55 come to know the Lord.  My small group Bible study group exists to reach young mothers that can’t read or write.  Our discipleship group meets every week to help couples grow closer in their relationship with each other and grow closer to Jesus.

Know your purpose.  Know your target. 

Stay focused and watch God do some great things through you and others!

Dr. Smith is a former state missionary with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. He is available for conferences or other speaking opportunities and can be contacted at tsmith3762@comcast.net