It is the goal of BACE to connect with or create 50 local networks by the year 2022. The purpose is to connect or create more local or regional networks of leaders who can help each other in equipping the church to make disciples.

What if there is already an existing network?

BACE never intends to control or subvert work that is already taking place, but we do desire to connect. While some area networks may ask for a fee for conferencing or participating, most do not. All groups that meet the criteria will be promoted and given a presence on the BACE website so leaders can discover the network and learn more about BACE.

What if I want to form a network? 

It’s simple. All you need to do is to look for some leaders in your area that you desire to meet with periodically for the purpose of encouragement, sharing ideas, and just talking about life as a church leader. When your group gathers, let BACE know so the group can be publicized via the website for others in your area to discover.

How does a group get recognized as a BACE affiliated Network?

  1. Read through the mission, vision, history, and core convictions of BACE and consider if your group is similar in mission, vision, and share similar core convictions – CLICK HERE TO VIEW/READ.
  2. Agree to promote BACE membership and the annual conference with your group.
  3. Ask your group to subscribe to the Baptist Association of Christian Educators website. This is free.

What will BACE do for local networks?

  1. Promote your group and include a contact person/web address for individuals to get more information.
  2. Give you access to all BACE conference videos and content from past events to use during your group meetings.
  3. Help you launch your group if it is new. (Help does not include financial support, but may include providing a keynote speaker for an event.)
  4. Provide a web-page (if needed; You will need to provide content for the page)
  5. Include the network in our BACE Networks listings.
  6. Provide a special discount code for a reduced membership registration that is only available for Local Networks.
  7. As the coordinator, your membership for BACE is free. You will only need to pay the Conference Only fee for Networks if you attend the conference.