Notes from Members

I felt the Kansas City meeting was one of our better BACE meetings. First the there “The Bible and Missional Change” was a call to help us ground the church’s missional challenges in solid biblical theology. Dr. George Guthrie’s presentation was especially focused and insightful. I was also impressed by the cultural dimensions of the meeting, from the multi-lingual program booklet to the worship service involving the Korean choir and later a rabbi for a service in Hebrew/English which engaged us in a recitation of the Shema. The participation of Christian education students made the conference a welcome multi-generational experience. The pre-conference mission tours were also a plus. I chose to visit the City Union Rescue Mission of Kansas City and was deeply touched by both the needs of the people they serve and the quality of ministry provided. As a result of this meeting, I returned home with a deeper commitment to the cause of Christian education in our churches.
– Keith Wilkinson, Oklahoma




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