Is This for Me?

Of course this event is for you!

Minister of Education? You play a strategic role in your church to influence people to read their Bibles and live Bible truths every day. And you are influenced by your colleagues to foster your church culture to be missional or outward focused. That calls for change. That’s exactly what we are going to grapple with during this event.

Age Group Minister? Whether you are a youth or children’s minister, you truly influence all those adults on your teaching/leadership team to read their Bibles and apply Bible truths to their every day lives. You will be challenged to develop a strategy to lead your leaders to move out of their comfort zones to tear down the walls that separate them from their communities in need of Jesus Christ.

Pastor? Whether you are the pastor in a multi-staff church or pastor of a smaller church with “just” you, this conference has great potential for you. Using the Bible to help prepare your people for change is a strategic way to lead your church to become more and more outward focused and less in to maintaining the status quo.

Denominational Entity Specialist? As you influence church leaders with new ideas every day, you are engaging them in developing change management skills. The opportunity to experience Drs. Guthrie, Herrington, Ramirez, Chae, and Dighton will inspire you to enhance your own change management skills and training skills.

Student? What a great opportunity to stretch yourself as you are pursuing your ministry degree. We will have opportunities for you to network with students from other campuses as well as experienced ministers who are willing to connect with you on your journey. You have most likely already been studying books written by our speakers. BACE gives you the chance to meet and share with these experts.

Lay Leader? We saved the best till last! This conference will give you more ideas than you can use so come and enjoy the fellowship and the collaboration as we challenge each other to embrace the need to encourage Christ-followers to read their Bibles, live the truths they find in their Bibles, and shift their focus to those beyond the walls of your church building.