On Mission

As educators, we personally must be missional. As we model missional living before our people, we need to encourage them to become missional. You may not realize it, but BACE can help you become more missional. We have a wonderful partnership with Ann Cretin, who is the Regional Manager with LifeWay International for Oceania, Asia, UK, Middle East, and the Caribbean. Ann is constantly being made aware of churches that need leadership training. Through Ann, we have recently sent individuals and teams to do both Sunday School Leadership and Vacation Bible School training in the Cayman Islands. If you do would like to know more about missional opportunities to participate and/or lead in educational training for local church leaders, please contact me, [email protected], and I will gladly follow up with finding current places of need.

Jerry M. Jacobs
BACE International & Other Denominational Groups Affinity Leader
Minister of Education & Discipleship
First Baptist Church, Tulsa, OK