BACE Chairman Duties

Meet Your Board of Directors: Tim Holcomb, BACE Chairman

The chairman is a member of the BACE Board of Directors. He or she is elected to the position by the Board and serves as a member of the Board in one of the affinity groups.

The chairman collaborates with the Executive Director in order to accomplish the business of the organization. The business of the organization includes determining the location of the annual meeting and enlisting the program committee.

The chairman enlists the nominating committee as well. Along with these two committees the chairman appoints a team to choose the distinguished leader award, presented each year to an educator who exhibits leadership and creativity.

The chairman presides over the Board of Directors meeting and exercises general supervision over the business affairs of the corporation. The chairman also carries out the orders and resolutions of the corporation. The chairman works along with the Secretary/Treasurer to sign deeds, mortgages, and other vital documents related to the corporation.

The chairman evaluates annually with the Executive Director the program and location developing on going ideas for future meetings.

By Tim J. Holcomb, Adult Minister Mentor Relationships, Brentwood Baptist Church





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