BACE Conference 2014

Baptist Association of Christian Educators
April 3-4, 2014
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Kansas City, Missouri

Theme: The Bible and Missional Change

BACE in Kansas City 2014 from Sarah Simon on Vimeo.

During our 2013 BACE gathering in Florida, Will Mancini challenged us to accept the uniqueness of each church and to help churches move from developing programs to developing people. He spoke of a movement that involves changing the scorecard for churches. Instead of only recognizing the statistics of church programs, churches also recognize what their members are doing off-campus through the week. These ministries include mission projects but they also include encouraging people to minister in their workplaces and neighborhoods by blessing people around them with God’s love.

Changing the scorecard requires change in how we do church and be His church. Our 2014 gathering in Kansas City will give us the opportunity to embrace the concept of uniqueness by exploring pieces of a change strategy that will clear the way for people to open themselves to God’s intervention in our midst.

Imagine what could happen in and through our churches when our people have the desire and the skills to seek and find God’s vision and mission for their unique lives. Perhaps those personal desires and skills would open their receptivity to what individuals might do through the vision and mission of their churches. To guide us in discovering what that would look like, our challenge for the 2014 BACE conference is captured in the following:

In order for Christ-followers to truly live missional lives through missional churches, the ability to read the Bible is an essential foundation for shaping change management skills.

To guide us on this journey, we are thrilled to have the following special guest speakers.

Plenary Speakers:

GeorgeGuthrie (220x330)
Dr. George Guthrie
Designer and author for Read the Bible for Life
Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible at Union University in Jackson, TN

JTH (220x330)
Dr. Jim Herrington,
Author of Leading Congregational Change
Team Leader at Faithwalking

Dennis Brotherton 6238 SAC2010Jan12











Dr. Dennis Brotherton,

Associate Strategy Leader for Global Educational Training Services

Former Professor of New Testament at Clear Creek Baptist Bible College

Served in South Korea in cross-cultural work for many years


John Ramirez










John Ramirez

Strategic Partnership Director for the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association

Kansas City awaits your arrival for an inspirational, fun, and challenging opportunity to network with fellow ministers on the journey.